Wednesday, April 30, 2008

still not feeling well...

Mylee is still under the weather today....Dave and I were up with her all night...I gave her an albuterol treatment around 1:30am and this seemed to help a little. I was afraid she was going to choke from her coughing as much as she was coughing....This morning she is first was very lethargic and would whine and cry when I walked away into another room...I gave her the max 3 dose back to back albuterol treatment this morning and she is still grunting and coughing...her tips of her fingers aren't blue though and neither are her her O2 stats should be somewhat in the safe zone....I called her Pediatrican's office and we have an appointment at 1:45pm...she is sleeping or at least quiet in her room right now, I will see how she does when she wakes up...we may end up heading back to the ER if she seems worse. No running of the nose, but she does have a slight fever, 100.5.

Please keep Mylee in your prayers as we need to kick this pneumonia before we wind up in the hospital. It has been 4 months since our last in-patient stay and I would like to make it a little longer of stretch before we see another hospital room!!


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