Thursday, April 17, 2008

My First Steps....

We have almost reached a very important milestone in Mylee's life! Last night she started to take her first steps at walking...We have been working with her constantly to strengthen her muscle tone. We have a little further to go, but I do believe our little princess is going to be walking very soon! Dave and I are ecstatic and it brought tears to our eyes last night to see her so proud of herself! She continued to pull herself up several time (tried this for 20-30minutes) and finally gave in for the evening. (stay tuned, I am sure we will be taking more video in the next view days to weeks with our little one!)

First Steps

These are the tiny feet that carried you that day.
First steps from my hands, I watched my baby step away.
During the coming years, I'll guide these tiny feet,
As they toddle 'cross the lawn, and safely cross the street.

They'll soon grow strong and steady, find puddles to kick and splash,
Pedal a two-wheel bike and win a school yard dash.
Kick a ball learn to dance, race a friend home from school,
Skip rope, jump in bed and dive feet first at the pool.

Your small feet may often stumble, scrape a knee or take a fall,
Misstep or need direction, or a model to stand tall.
Know I'll always be behind you, my love will give you wings,
To proudly fill the shoes, a grown-up life will bring.

The years will quickly pass, and these feet will learn to drive,
Walk the stage to a diploma, when graduation day arrives,
I'll watch through misty eyes, as you walk down wedding's aisle,
A family of your own, you'll start your journey with a smile.

Your tiny steps will hold our heart forever, for each tomorrow you will grow.
Today we'll hold you closer, for too soon these feet will go.

Teri Harrison

She collapsed on he floor in the kitchen with Papa Spray to sit with her newly found glow worm (mommy & papa Spray worked in the garages yesterday - Mommy found some of Mylee's older toys we had put away) She loves her glow worm baby Uncle Nicky bought for her! Please view the attached videos and share our happiness with us! Thank you again for all your love and support, we continue to ask for all of your prayers as Mylee continues to work towards her goals and accomplish her milestones!


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