Thursday, May 1, 2008

An official Princess....

It is my pleasure to introduce to you her Royal Highness Princess Mylee Grace. Mylee has been proclaimed an official princess dated, April 28, 2008 by The Princess Project. I will be posting pictures later with her tiara and sash. This is an International Charitable Foundation who contacted me through Mylee's caring bridge site and asked if she could be crowned a princess.

Mylee is still a little beat by this pneumonia. We had her back at the ER yesterday and spent most of the day at Mendy's Place. Mylee's oxygen was low and she was having difficulty breathing. More xrays were taken and Mylee now has pneumonia in both lungs! They gave her a dose immediately of Orapred (oral steroid) through her G tube (although this makes her irritable) to open her airways. She was then given an IV antibiotic to help combat the infection. Blood was taken to be tested and all counts came back within normal limits. It is believed that she has both viral & bacterial pneumonia right now. We were sent home with another antibiotic that she will take for a full 10 days. In the meantime, we will help combat the difficulty breathing with SVN treatments every 2-3 hours (breathing treatments) and chest percussion therapy (CPT).

I will post more later after I take some pictures of our little princess in her sash and tiara...she also received a pretty bracelet and princess book - she loves to read all her books!! Thank you to the wonderful organization who sent us all these wonderful gifts and more importantly thinking about Mylee and believing that she would become a beautiful and honored princess. She will make you proud!

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playinggod said...

Hi Mylee Wow thats so cool you are a official princess. Well all of us with PlayingGod wanted to say hello and let you know were going to be rockin out with you soon so stay out of the hospital and hopefully you feel better. We are thinking of you and praying for you to get better. Love you lots PG

Matt said...

You were always a princess, now it's just official!