Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Child left behind...

My heart has been heavy with concern and worry that my world seems consumed with finding a cure and bring awarness to Mylee disabilities and disease that I am forgetting about another little beauty in my life.... Khloe bug!

She is growing into such a beautiful little girl... so smart and funny!! How have I become so lucky to be a mother to these two... How do I stretch myself between these two amazing little people. And still have time to be the best wife possible!!?? Not to mention time to research, fundraise and more over have fun.... It is challenging and I am constantly questioning myself...

I am inpired many other mommy's out there... I know that I am not alone especially walking next to our Jesus Lord & Savior!! I am strong because of those who have surrounded us in prayer and lift us in spirit daily!!

I promise my little one, I will always try to be there for you even when it seems my mind is pre-occupied. You make us proud and are so special to us. Your big sister loves you and you have taught her so much!! We love you Khoe!!!