Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A bit of sadness & disappointment

Mylee failed her Modified Barrium Swallow test yesterday. We are proud of who she is nonetheless! Her smile alone is perfect! We will now wait for Children's Hospital to give us a call to schedule a new therapy for Mylee called Vital Stimulation. We have been told she will in fact aspirate fluids and food during therapy sessions. It will be an everyday therapy session for 5 straight weeks, very intense but something that is needed! Please pray for us that we will have no illnesses during the sessions. I will keep you posted as to when we will start this process.

Mylee had her first visit today with Miss Lisa, this is her developmental specialist who will oversee all of Mylee's therapies with OT, PT & Speech. Todays visit was mostly paperwork (yes, more paperwork!). We are scheduled again with her next week. We will see Miss Lisa once a week for an hour. We also went ahead and rescheduled Mylee's PT & OT back at St. Joseph's, the other location in Carefree was too much for us right now. Plus, they are submitting the sessions to our insurance instead of using DDD. We figured we will go ahead and use outpatient rehabilitation at St. Joseph's until we run out of sessions, then we will utilize DDD and set up sessions at the rehab place in Carefree.

I put together a montage to express her story with picture, words and music. Fortunately, I had a little help with another website I found. I used some of her inspirational words, I hope she doesn't mind. If you are interested check it out - it is located in the right hand corner of this website. Thanks again to everyone for being so supportive of Dave and I. We love you all!!


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