Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another lazy day...

Okay once again I am being lazy....this is the same information I posted on her caringbridge site:

Good afternoon,

I feel like a broken record, but Mylee is still very congested (gross, but she coughed a bunch of junk up this morning....and lovely too, she did this in the car on the way to therapy)... She was a showoff to her speech and physical therapists....They were very happy!! Mylee took a couple of steps for her physical therapist and said "Hi" (it sounds like "HA" - but we will take it) while she waved to her speech therapist!!

Our morning lasted longer than expected, but sometimes this will just happen...Mylee didn't get her 1st bolus until noon and she is finally laying down for her 1st nap of the day...she threw a little fit, but she is quiet now so I am hoping she is dreaming sweet dreams!!

We had a message on our answering maching from Children's Hospital Pulmonology. Mylee is scheduled for her bronchoscopy. However, it isn't scheduled until June 24th. We are a little conflicted because Mylee will hopefully be scheduled for vital stimulation therapy by then and if that is the case, her bronch may need to be pushed out further...or quite possibly she won't need one (the whole purpose for the bronch is to check to see if everything looks okay and to determine if anything can be seen that may be causing her aspiration) because we are hoping the vital stimulation will correct the problem...we will continue to wait patiently....

I am hoping for a restful afternoon...I am hoping everyone else has the same....

Remember the "spoon theory":


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