Friday, April 11, 2008

Ponytail days...

Happy Friday!!

Lots of sunshine in sunny Arizona! It has been wonderful having Grandma and Granpda Eaton visiting with us this week. They will stay with us through the weekend and return home to Indiana on Monday. We have tenatative plans to check out the train in Anthem with Mylee tomorrow, I think this will be fun. We will bring bread crumbs for the ducks at the pond too!

Mylee was visiting by her developmental specialist this morning, we had fun working on blowing the feather out of a straw. We will also be working with Mylee to get her to blow bubbles with a straw in a bowl of water or using the straw in the bathtub to also blow bubbles. This will help strengthen Mylee cheeks. We have started noticing that Mylee isn't interested in putting things in her mouth as much as she used to - we need to keep her interested with oral development as much as possible so when she does get the green light to eat again it won't be such a difficult transition. Mylee's speech therapist at St. Joseph's has been working with her on these skills too, this week we worked with different flavored sugars and let her dip some of her toys in water and then into the sugar. It was a lot of fun and very messy! I think I am going to buys some Easter Peeps and licorice and leave them out so they actually become stail (we want them very hard) so Mylee can work on her sucking sensations, this is also very good for oral development. We were also given lots of additional handouts this week. We are going to start working with Mylee on more sign language skills to help us understand her better.

New things this week:

Mylee has learned how to dial: 9-1-1 - much to our surprise, Mylee dialed 9-1-1. We thought she was just playing with the phone. We heard lots of long beeps from numbers being pushed. Dave decided to take a look at the phone and sure enough Mylee dialed, 9-1-1-7-5-5....oops! A few seconds later, ring...ring...ring. Dave answered the phone and it was Phoenix Police asking us if everything was okay.... Dave answered, Yes Ma'am - our 1 year old was playing with the phone! Mylee only gets to play with her pretend phones now!!!

Mylee is not walking, however she has become quite the climber....We purchased a cushion chair for Mylee at Christmas time and she loves to sit and read her books in the chair. She has learned to stand up in the chair. Dave caught her standing in the chair one night this past week and took his pointer finger to shake at her while saying "Mylee, sit down!"...well, Mylee decided she had had enough of being told what to do....she looked up at daddy and took her finger and shook it back at him with confidence and said, "dhat dhon"....anyone have any suggestions how not to laugh or smile when your toddler makes these gestures when you are trying to discipline them??? This was quite the kodak moment and I wish I had had the camera!!

Mylee has also started to push herself up from a crawling position into a standing position, she has done this a couple of times for about 30 seconds or more....this is very exciting!! We are still working on muscle stregthening, but I believe we are getting closer at her walking.....stay tuned!

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