Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mylee has been under the weather the past couple of days...She woke up yesterday morning sounding very congested!! Dave and I have decided to cut back on her "tastings" of any food. I think I will also have her speech therapist cut back too...We are really trying to keep Mylee out of the hospital as much as possible this year!

We have no plans this weekend, we will lay low in hopes to clear up Mylee's congestion. We hope we won't have to get the albuterol out....she really sounds horrible throughout the night and has started her "stridor" or "snoring" again!

We will see Dr. R (neurosurgeon) on Friday and Dr. P (opthomologist) on Thursday...and therapist all throughout the week...We have started noticing Mylee crossing her right eye again... a little disappointing, but we were told her eye surgery may not be the only surgery she will need...We will question Dr. P this week... Mylee is also still experiencing what we have been told are "night terrors", we only had one episode this week (thank goodness) but they have become very frightening for myself....she will wake up from her afternoon naps in absolute hysterics...she is inconsolable for about 30-45 minutes and because she is fighting to be put down - I will gently set her down (in crib or on the floor) her eyes are squeezed shut and she looks as if she is in a stat of confusion because she will crawl into a wall (or if she is in her crib, she will bang her head into the side of crib)....we will discuss this again with Dr. R - we hope it is just side effects from the brain decompression....I will keep you informed!

On a lighter note - Dave said she took another 1/2 step this morning when he was working with her on walking....Still very wobbly and unbalanced, but we continue to work on this!! We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


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