Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lots of coughing....

Mylee is still under the weather today....we could hear her coughing for most part of the night....fortunately, she was able to let her little body sleep in until 7:30am....we got up and let her watch her favorite program: THE WIGGLES, before heading out for a nice Sunday morning walk (about 3 miles)...we took the boys too! Bobby and Max (our dogs) love to go for walks!

Mylee is currently getting her first bolus of the day...As soon as I am done writing this journal entry I am going to get the albuterol out and give Mylee a breathing treatment....we haven't used albuterol in a really long time (almost 3 months)...that seems like a really long time to us! We have gone almost 4 months with no pneumonias and we want to keep it that way!!

I told Dave this morning if she continues to run a fever and sound as junky as she does that I will make an appointment with Dr. D (her pediatrician) early in the week. We have lots of appointments this week and will be visited by Grammy LaDonna and Uncle Troy next weekend. Uncle Troy has a conference he will attend first earlier this coming week and since he is here on the main islands (currently stationed in Hawaii) he is going to come to AZ to visit before flying back home to the islands...We are anxious to see them! And I hope Mylee is feeling better too!

Well, we have no plans today except to rest and get the remainder of the house picked up before the work week starts. I have several loads of laundry to finish and I need Dave to pick up the office. We will probably work a little in the backyard, continued preparations before the start of summer...It's really warming up - so we tend to work in the yard toward sunset when most of the yard is shaded!! We wish everyone a Happy SUNDAY!!


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