Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Busy day today...

I posted this same journal at Mylee's caringbridge site today...I am a little exhausted and want to just relax this evening:

I read the spoon theory today...I broke down in my office and cried...cried... and then cried some more. I haven't done this in a really long time....Fortunately, my husband was home and Mylee was taking a really good late afternoon nap...in fact, she is still sleeping.

We have had somewhat of a long day. Today was Mylee's Godmother's Dad's funeral. He was such a great man and he will be remembered for a really long time. He has a special spot in our hearts that will always remain...he too, earned his angel wings after battling cancer for a long time.

Mylee also had her developmental specialist at the house this afternoon after getting a late afternoon bolus feeding (Sorry honey! Mommy will be better at schedules tomorrow!) However, with as much interuption Mylee experienced in her schedule today she remained a princess!! My little girl is so well behaved!! I may be a little biased, but I think she is simply amazing - she seems to amaze me everyday....so, finally at 4:45pm this afternoon she zonked out for a nap (1st real nap of the day!)...

Back to the spoon theory...I received a special spoon pin to remind me to save a "spoon" for myself each day...and I have been holding onto this pin (honestly, I didn't know what it was and I didn't go to the website to check it out and I usually do!!)....so anyway, I read the "spoon theory" on another site and WHAM it hit me!! Moral of story....1st, please go to this website and check this out if you haven't already....2nd, remember someone else may have less spoons than you each day...and 3rd, for those of you who need it remember to save a "spoon" for yourself!

I too wish everyone out there an abundance of spoons!!


For those who are experiencing pain today....Mylee and I wish for you to be pain free tomorrow!!


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