Saturday, July 9, 2011

Random thoughts...

I have sat down many times in the past few weeks to update this blog and ended up having to put it away because my head was full of fog, much like it is at the moment but I decided to just start writing and I would re-read to see what I came up with before posting the written thoughts.

So here it is already midway through the summer and our Atlanta trip is now 1 day away. We leave very early on Monday morning. Mylee's appointment with Dr. K is on Wednesday. I am hopeful we have a smooth flight with our two little ones. So much has been going on it is sometimes difficult to figure out how to organize my thoughts let along all the medical information that seems to now be a daily task. Here are just a few items on the list of discussion points:

  • Seizures activity and unusual episodes

  • Extreme Fatiguing

  • Increase in Behaviors

  • CO2 Rentention

  • IVIG therapy

  • new brain changes; lesions, atrophy

Could these all the be the result of one major issue, like a seizure disorder or the result from the lack of wearing her Bi-PAP machine because of central sleep apnea. All results of a bigger picture which is progression of this ugly disease. We are hopeful we will get answers and perhaps helpful instructions as to how we better handle each day with Mylee. Our greatest goal and outlook for Mylee is to be able to have the best quality at life for her.

We have many procedures and upcoming appointments when we return from Atlanta too. Mylee is scheduled for a video EEG the first week in August. Our local children's hospital has just expanded and with the new improved wing to hospital more technology has been made available to children in our local area. We recently ran into some problems with having a procedure done here in Arizona and thought we would need to have a VER/ERG (retinal degeneration study) done in southern California. However, our local hospital is going to start doing these. We are in a holding pattern until this can be scheduled. Mylee will also pick out a manual wheelchair at the wheel-chair clinic the end of July.

It is too hot here in Arizona to play outside. I have become creative with ideas for the two girls to pass our time during these hot days. And I am thankful most days are consumed with therapies and appointments. In our downtime though we have had rock concerts, painted with passion and mastered our somersaults

School will be starting soon for the girls and we look forward to new chapters starting in each of their lives as they start a new school year.

As we continue in our journey, another little journey has ended. We are saddened by the passing of little princess Eithene. She graciously earned her angel wings yesterday morning. She fought an amazing battle. She will forever remain in our hearts. Mitochondrial disease awareness and the fight to find a cure has become a mission in my life. I ask you to join my mission and help bring a cure to this disease! ♥