Tuesday, April 8, 2008

She is simply amazing...

Today is Tuesday and a very ordinary day...The sun is shining in our corner of the world in sunny Arizona. I really don't think we could ask for a more beautiful day. Mylee woke up this morning like any ordinary weekday morning. Only this time, Grandma and Grandpa Eaton were here to share this beautiful morning. It is great to have them here under the circumstances...Mylee's Great Uncle Kenny earned his angel wings on Sunday. We join together as family and celebrate the life he lived on Thursday when he is laid to rest.

I have had the windows open all day, a nice cool breeze has been blowing throughout the house. It has made for some really great sleeping, Mylee slept for almost 3 hours this morning and she is currently taking another nap. We played outside in the sandbox with Grandpa Eaton for a little bit this afternoon and rolled the ball around in the grass too. Daddy has really been taking good care of the grass in the backyard which has made for great play area for Mylee. We need to take advantage of it now while it is still really nice out, before too long we will start to survive the desert heat! Mylee is preparing herself - she has been wearing her sunglasses all day....even inside!

Tomorrow we are back on schedule for therapy, she has speech and occupational therapy. We received a phone call today to start in home occupational therapy and will wait to hear from the actual therapist who has been assigned Mylee's case. We will probably start with this therapist mid May. It will be really nice when we have all the therapist coming out to the house. We are saddened though to leave the therapist at St Joseph's, they have become great friends too!


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