Wednesday, April 16, 2008

lazy days...

Happy Wednesday everyone! We had a terrific day today at therapy...Mylee is doing very well and always enjoys going to see her therapist as an outpatient at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix. We are surely going to miss them when we are scheduled with out new in home therapists. I don't expect we will have all three therapies in home until the end of summer. Mylee will still be able to see her friends at rehab!!

We enjoyed Grandma and Grandpa Eaton while they were here and look forward to the next visit, hopefully in August for Mylee's 2nd Birthday. Mylee will have two birthdays this in California and one here at home in AZ. We are also fortunate to have a visit from Papa Spray...he has been a lot of fun the past couple of days, this will be a short visit though...he is leaving in the morning. We will see both Papa Spray and Nana Cindy in Colorado in just a couple of weeks. Dave and I are really looking forward to this trip because we will stay a night in Denver (without the kiddo), this will be kind of a celebration of our anniversary and a well deserved night off!!

Mylee continues to amaze Dave and I. She has become quite the little princess....already talking back to Mom and Dad when she is disciplined (Dave and I can hardly stop laughing when she shakes her fingers back at us)...We are certaintly blessed!!


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Matt said...

I gotta say, she cracks me up. The mere thought of her shaking her finger at you two has me in near tears as well! Oh Dave, you're gonna have your hands full when she's a teenager.