Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fun Memorial Day Weekend...

We hope everyone had a wonderful time this weekend and most of all ended with everyone safe and sound! Dave and I finally took everyone's advise and just relaxed. Saturday and Sunday was filled with just hanging around the house and watching television. It was perfect!

Monday we enjoyed the early morning, Mylee woke us up at 6 am! We had a blast with our great friends Adam & Laura & Emily & Devin who drove down from Colorado. We gathered in the kitchen; fixed yummy pancakes with bacon and sausage and had a bowl full of fresh fruit. Those recovering from the night before also enjoyed a bloody Mary! We hung by the pool and of course had to rock out with a new formed band (Dave loves it when enough people come over to play his "rock band" on Xbox)!

In the evening we headed over the Benjamin's and enjoyed a fabulous dinner with all the kids. Andy and Heidi Macfarlane were there too! Dinner was delicious and more importantly the friends we were surrounded with was the icing on the cake (brownies in our case because that is what we had for dessert)!

Memorial Day is always a day to remember! It brings great family and friends together. It reminds me that summer is right around the corner, but most of all it is the day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service. We want to thank all the service men and woman who bravely defend this proud country we live in, in order for all of us to be free!

Mylee is great (as always), we think she must of cut another tooth because of all the episodes she displayed last week. She is starting to take very long naps each day, we think she is starting to ween herself from two naps a day. She has learned a new word over the weekend. She can now say "Up"...we are practicing with her because she likes to play this game now, when we start to count 1,2,3.. and say "Up"...she will actually stand up! So she surprised us and when we started counting...she was the one who said "UP"! She is really starting to become a little girl, no more baby in this little one....Oh, she is also becoming quite the character...she will now make funny faces when you ask her to smile or look at the camera...We aren't going to be too surprised if we get goofy pictures of her for the next couple of years!! Silly girl!


ps. For those of you who are interested in the cute hair bow Mylee is wearing in the bottom pictures, please email me separately and I will provide you some information as to how you can order some. I met a realy cool lady and her sister at a cupcake store in Scottsdale and they are starting a small business. I can email you more individual pictures as well as pricing. I love them!

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