Friday, May 16, 2008


Happy Friday everyone! And Happy Birthday Uncle Troy!!!

We need some extra prayers for Troy, he is held up in a Hospital in Hawaii at the moment. He has been battling pnuemonia (I can't seem to get away from pnuemonia, folks!!!) for the past several weeks. He ended up being re-admitted because of an abscess found in his left lung. He currently has a chest tube to help relieve the pressure in his lung. His right lung is looking great. We spoke with him last night and he sounds pretty good. We love you "Uncle Troy" and Mylee is sending you her special hugs and blowing you her kisses!!

We have no plans this weekend, how wonderful does that sound! We actually will be staying home to relax!

We are continuing to work on Mylee's fundraiser and it is really starting to come together. I am getting very excited. Dave and I along with our great friend Shawna will be on the radio on Monday evening, June 19th to talk about her fundraiser. The radio station is a local broadcast here in Arizona. Here is some information regarding the radio station:

Broadcasting live every Monday night from 7 to 9 PM on Independent 1310 KXAM and, you can find the Racing Roundup-Arizona Crew at their home, Max's, Arizona's Legendary Sports Bar located at 6747 North 47th Avenue in Glendale, AZ.

I am excited to announce, the band Playing God will be at Mylee's fundraising event to perform after the races in the pits. The lead singer of the band, Mike Dryden will perform the National Anthem. We will also have a table up front for our raffle. I believe a lot of prizes are being collected to raffle off. Those prizes will be named soon! Stay tuned....

Also, Hooter's girls will be on site to take pictures with fans before the races and will be that nights trophy girls...Ssinister Choppers will have customer choppers on display. They are currently doing a Choppers Challenge on CMT Wednesday nights, so check it out!

We are all very excited about Mylee's fundraiser and hope we are able to most importantly raise awareness of this horrible illness and be able to raise money to help finding a cure and be able to send Mylee to camp one day! Please visit ASAP's website at This will help provide Research, Education and Support for families dealing with this illness. Also visit, Miracle Wish for Chiari at I believe this organization is still looking for a "champion" sponsor, someone who can really give enough support to open this camp! If you think you may know of someone or a company that would be willing to get this camp jump started, please let me know!


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