Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Cinco De Mayo...

Mylee is starting to feel better we think...we are only having to give her breathing treatments a few times a day now...She had a lot of fun yesterday playing in Nana & Papa's yard. She helped Nana plant some new flowers in the front yard and played hard in the tulips in the back...We took lots of pictures, I will hopefully post them a little later. Mylee had a slight fall though and bruised her cheek...I told Papa Spray not to worry, she is going to have lots of falls!!

We continue to help Mylee walk, her ankles seem to be weak...we will talk with her physical therapist and hopefully will get some answers from her physical medicine doctor on May 12th. Mylee may need to wear braces on her legs/ankles for a while. I estimate we will have her walking by the end of the year! Please pray her legs will continue to get stronger!!

We have plans to head into Boulder later today. We want to buy Mylee her 1st pair of Crocs... I think some hot pink or purple ones will be cute! She won't be able to walk in them, but she will look so cute!!

Hope everyone is having a great day....Make sure you drink a Margarita today!! Happy Cinco De Mayo!!


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