Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Many thanks.....

It is such a blessing to know how much support Dave and I have...I can't tell you because their really isn't enough words to express our gratitude toward all of you...you, meaning our friends and family who have been so supportive of us throughout this whole ordeal. So....THANK YOU!

I am really starting to believe that Mylee was put on this earth to show us love, courage, patience, trust and the list goes on and on and on....I have always been told since she graced us with her presence that she was "special". We just didn't realize I guess just how "special" she really is! Her illness has brought us so many new and great friends and has bonded us closer with the friends we have always cherished! She has shown our parents near and far just how great of parents Dave and I have become! I/We are told on a regular basis just how proud our parents are of us and I have to say that really feels good inside! I think the reason I am expressing this to you all today is because I am really thankful you are in our lives!

I have been asked to be a board member in hopes of making Miracle Wish for Chiari a reality for every child battling Chiari Malformation and other related illnesses and/or diseases. I have thought about it and I think I am going to go forward with accepting the offer. I believe that everything that has transpired thus far has happened for a reason...so we must battle forward in hopes conquer our goals at bringing awareness to our communities and beyond and to help find a cure for this devastating illness!

Mylee as always seems to be happy, she has been fussy the past couple of weeks - but, I think that is more of the terrible two's that we are seeing and definately her molars that we are so thankful she is getting (not that she needs them right now anyway...she can't eat anything)...I wish I could put that part of the development on hold and allow her to develop more in other areas...I could use an EASY button anyday now with this whole teething action! She had a wonderful time over the weekend splashing like a fish in the pool. I wish I could let her just dunk fer face into the water, she wants to so badly! I keep my fingers crossed everyday that we will get that phone call from Children's Hospital about the Vital Stimulation, I will give them a call again next week just to remind them of how anxious we are...haha

Last evening, Dave and I and a bunch of our friends joined us at Max's sports grill to show us there support as Shawna Green (an amazing woman) and I went LIVE on the radio to broadcast Mylee's fundraiser for Chiari Malformation. We had so much fun!! We also recorded a radio commercial that will broadcast on the radio until the big event! Thank you Shawna soooo much for being who you are. You will always have a special place in our heart!

Summer is here, the temperature is like a fever now and we were blessed with the triple digits. Tomorrow is suppose to be back down into the 90's - whewwww...It is HOT HOT HOT!!!

For more information regarding Mylee's fundraiser please see her flyer and poster at the right of this blog...or email me with any questions!


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