Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spring is in the air

Good morning,

Today is Tuesday and we get a day off today! Mylee is really starting to make more and more sounds everyday. She continues with her oral skills, we are using a technique (not sure what it is called) where you touch Mylee's cheeks or tap her mouth at each sound a word makes. For instance if you want to say "Hi", I will take my fingers and push Mylee's cheeks into a smiling position and repeat the word and gesture 2-3 times. Or for instance when I say "Mama" or "Papa", I tap her mouth twice while saying the word with her. I think she is starting to get the concept. I bought her a electronic "Dora the Explorer" toothbrush yesterday. At speech therapy they have all kinds of electronic types of oral tools they allow Mylee to put into her mouth. Her speech Therapist thought the motorized toothbrush would be great. Mylee is still trying to get used to it. She loves brushing those beautiful teeth she has though.

We are going to the park today for a play date. Zita and the girls will come over later this morning and we are planning to have a picnic at the park. It is beautiful right now in Arizona, today we have clear blue skies and it is suppose to reach 74 degrees. Simply perfect! The rest of the week is full of appointments for Mylee. Tomorrow is a big day, weight check and Dr. D's. I will update more when I can.

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