Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Wiggles" time....

Good morning,

We are having a rough morning, Mylee is starting to show signs that she may possibly have pneumonia... I can't tell as of yet is she is having trouble breathing, but is coughing and has been running a fever for a couple days now (even on Motrin). Children's hospital called this morning to check up on her from her surgery and suggests we take her to the pediatrician's office. She is sleeping right now and I will check to see how she feels when she wakes up.

I purchased tickets for all three of us to go to the "Wiggles Live" on Saturday, April 5th. I think I am more excited than Mylee will be. She may a little too young and probably will not remember the day, but life is too short and all three of us deserve a fun day together!!


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