Thursday, March 6, 2008

Is it time to play yet??

Good morning,

Mylee was an early riser today, 6:00am! Poor baby was running low on energy before 9am. I heard an early naptime calling for sure! Our schedule is a little different today, therapy sessions are scheduled for this afternoon. Today we will see Dr K (Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation). Dr K will also see Mylee outside of therapy sessions as a patient as well.
We went to Mylee's Pediatrician yesterday for a follow-up from her 18 month appointment and for a weight check. Mylee has actually lost 2 ounces in the past 3 weeks, however Dr D is not concerned at this point. We will also have another weight check with Mylee's GI specialist office. We will see the NP and Nutritionist to make sure Mylee's weight is good and to make sure Mylee is getting the right amount of caleries. In my honest opinion Mylee is proportioned perfectly. She has always been petite!
Mylee and I also ventured out to the park again yesterday, she absolutely loves being outside in the fresh air and watching other children laugh and play. We have a playdate set for next week to visit the zoo again. Our schedule next week for appointments are already booked up. Mylee is also scheduled for another Modified Barrium Swallow Study at the end of the month on March 31st. I am quite anxious to see if my little one is still aspirating. Please keep your fingers crossed for us. Mylee's Speech therapist is really anxious to start oral feedings again. I am a little anxious too.
Hugs for now....

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