Friday, February 29, 2008

Fun at the Zoo

I took Mylee to the zoo yesterday and meet up with our friends Kim, Reese and Jack (twins)! We had a wonderful time. Kim and I are going to try to meet at the zoo at least once a week until it starts getting really warm.

We are still very busy almost everyday of the week. Thank goodness today is Friday, that means no appointments on the weekend and daddy gets to stay home and play. We had physical, occupation and speech therapies today. Mylee is doing great, however she continues to be very off balanced and has fallen quite a bit this week and she doesn't seem to recognize when she bonks her head or pinches her fingers in drawers. Mylee's occupational therapist, Miss Tara has recommended some sensory therapies we can do at home. We will start joint compressions tonight.

We also had an appointment with Dr. R (neurosurgeon). Dave and I were concerned she may have an infection on her incision. No infection, however a few of the sutures have abscessed. We will continue to put warm compressions on the area so we do not continue to get infected. He will want us to follow up with him in about 3 weeks if it does not start to improve. Dr. R will also schedule an MRI for Mylee to make sure everything looks good, this MRI will also include her lower spine. We think this will take place in about 3-4 weeks. If everything looks good we will follow up with Dr. R in about 6 months. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Overall, the week seems to have been pretty successful. I will call next week to follow up with Mylee's pulmonologist to find out if her modified barrium swallow study test has been scheduled. Miss Nicole (Speech therapist) is anxious to start working on some oral feeds.

We have a low key weekend ahead for us. Papa Spray and "Uncle" Dave will be heading home to Colorado on Saturday afternoon. We have had a fun week with them. Mylee will see them again soon though when we travel to Colorado for Easter.

Signing out for now - Chow!

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