Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Recovering from eye surgery

Happy Wednesday everyone! We have survived another surgery with Mylee. Poor baby has been through so much! She is our trooper and happiest girl I know! Her eyes bother her every so often and she wants to itch them sooooo badly! Mommy and daddy are helping to combat these urges. Mylee has eye cream that we apply 4 times daily and cool compressions with a wash rag are helping with the urges to itch! Mylee is running a slight fever this morning, but we were told this is pretty normal after surgery. I will be keeping an eye on her and will give her more Motrin if needed. We are happy to have this surgery behind us and pray this will be it for awhile on any surgeries!

This week will be fun as we will remain home bound until Mylee recovers a little more. Lots of mommy and me time will be fun and needed for both of us! I believe earth day is approaching and I would like to get out into the backyard to plant some flowers. This will be a fun project with Mylee and I.

We are looking forward to Mylee's modified barrium swallow scheduled for Monday, March 31st. We hope to see some vast improvements with her swallowing, however we don't want to get too ahead of ourselves just in case the muscles aren't quite ready to let Mylee eat through her mouth. I really hope we can start with some oral feedings (I know Mylee's speech therapist is really looking forward to being able to give her some feeds). My goal is to atleast be able to let her have some cake at her 2nd birthday in August. We have lots of time until then!

I rearranged the furniture this morning in our TV room, I like the arrangement and this will give Mylee more room to use her walker toys and be able to play back and forth from the kitchen to the TV room. Attached are some photos from our trip to Colorado. Enjoy!

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Sara & Mylee

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