Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Weekend Fun!

Happy Saturday everyone! We made it to Colorado!! It was an exhausting journey as our flight was initially delayed (1 hour). To our surprise, Mylee threw an absolute fit on the airplane at take off. She screamed for 45 minutes! It was heart breaking...absolutely nothing Dave and I could do to make her happy or to calm her down. She finally fell asleep and slept the rest of the flight. I will be giving her neurosurgeon's office a call on Monday to find out if it possibly could be pressure on her brain that is making her miserable on take off. I am a little nervous to fly home!

We are having a great time now at Nana & Papa Sprays. Mylee received a new pillow radio and new purse. She is loving her new toys and settling in nicely. We have plans to go down to Pearl Street Mall later today in Boulder. We hope to find Mylee some CROC shoes. We will also color Easter eggs later today.

Easter Sunday will also be filled with fun events! We will attend church service with Nana & Papa at GG & GG Klassen's church. Mylee will hunt for Easter eggs at Auntie Katie's & Uncle Billy's. We will also go see the horses out at the Wyton's. It is gorgeous here in the Rocky Mountains, a little cool but all sunshine!!

Happy Easter!


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