Friday, March 14, 2008

A friendship blossoming....

Remember when you were a child how much fun it was to meet with your friends and share the day together.... your days were carefree and filled with laughter and joy. It is such a blessing to see my baby girl start to enjoy those moments too! Mylee had a playdate set with some of her friends at the zoo. We are scheduled for another later next week. Our baby girl is growing up....she isn't much of a baby anymore. And loves it when mommy says "you are so big...what a big girl you are"!

This week was filled with appointments, fun time at the zoo, and lots of playtime and special moments with mother and daughter. Mylee also loves it when her daddy comes home from work. I think Mylee is really starting to understand when being spoken to. We have been practicing retrieving items when being asked to get them and is starting to turn her head in the direction of what item you are speaking about. For example, Mylee notices when the garage door is being opened and when I say "I think your daddy is home", she turns her head toward the laundry door and starts to giggle! This is a huge milestone and I am very excited to share it with you and to her therapists!

Mylee also got a wonderful gift in the mail from a fellow chiarian! Mylee supports Miracle wish for Chiari and hopes to one day attend the camp that is being set up for children with chronic illnesses & disease related health conditions. Please visit this site for more details:

Next week starts with new therapist for Mylee. She will start physical therapy at a place in Carefree, Arizona. I hope she will do well at this new place. I am a little hestitant because she has made such great strides at St Joseph's and really likes her current therapies there. This will be a trial period and we have options to go back to St Joe's if we are not happy or satisfied. I will try to keep a positive note and stay optomistic!


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