Saturday, February 23, 2008

"I did it"

Another week has passed us by (post decompression)! Mylee is sure a trooper.... she has a doctor appointment almost everyday. This week we completed two more therapy sessions with her occupational, physical and speech therapist. Mylee is getting better at wanting to swing again. She seems to be getting more and more comfortable around the therapist and able to show them what she can really do! Miss Tara, her occupational therapist thinks she heard Mylee say "I did it"! (twice)! And I think I heard Mylee say it once this morning. We have been working on putting objects "in" different larger objects, such as blocks "in" a bucket. This is teaching Mylee her strength and how little strength it takes to toss such objects. Once Mylee completes these tasks we praise her accomplishments and usually tell her "yeah, you did it". My little angel is sooooo smart!

We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Our good friends Andy and Heidi will be joining as one and we will celebrate with them as they take their vows this evening at their wedding. Mylee will be wearing a very special dress Nana Pat and Papa Chris bought for her before she was born. I am very excited to dress Mylee in it this evening. I am hoping it will not be too cold, we will bring blankets and a warm jacket. The celebration will take place at the Botanical Gardens in Phoenix.

Tomorrow, Papa from Colorado will be coming back out to see Mylee and of course golf. This trip will mainly focus on relaxation and lots of golfing with his good friend Dave Cain. It is suppose to be really nice this weekend, lots of sunshine and clear skies. I am hoping Dave and I are able to take Mylee for a couple of walks to the park. Maybe we can work Mylee onto the swing at the park without any meltdowns. We will keep practicing none the less.

We hope everyone is well! Lots of love to all of you!!

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