Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A New Language...

Our mornings have become quite routine. Dave gets ready for work, pours his cup of coffee for the road and feeds the dogs. The "Today Show" tuned in and I pour myself that wonderful "cup of Joe". And Mylee starts to stir around 7:30am.

I love watching my daughter play first thing in the morning, she is so animated and full of life! Mylee's expressions on her face say it all. Mylee isn't quite forming words yet, but we see some progress even since her surgery. Mylee is saying "Da Da DAAA, da da da da, Da DA da DaAaA" and each time she says this repetition a different sound is heard for each "da". And lots of hand gestures, Mylee is being taught some sign language at therapy. Mylee loves her therapist, Miss Nicole! I think we will see new sounds be formed within the next few months. We continue to practice all words.

We have a busy week ahead of us. Mylee was at all three therapies yesterday. We have somewhat of a break today. Tomorrow we start her stomach emptying tests at Children Hospital (this is a two day procedure, we will continue and finish up on Friday). And Thursday, we meet with the Social Security office and home assessement with AZeip (home therapy sessions).

We will try to fit in some playtime at the park this week and maybe visit the zoo on Friday. I will post new updates later this week.


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