Wednesday, June 1, 2011

For the love of.... Barney!!

For those who know him as the friendly purple dinosaur, in our home he is known as "bo bo" or "bar bor" or "bun bun"... it really just depends on how it comes out at that particular moment. We had ourselves a little meltdown right out of the chute because our little princess didn't wake in time to watch her beloved friend! You would think I could persuade her to watch another program that she would normally have no problem watching, for instance Elmo. Some of you know how much Mylee loves Elmo, however this morning it was all about Barney and nothing else. Note to self, please have 'daddy' DVR this program going forward! ♥

Our summer schedule for therapies has changed and for the most part the change is being handled by Mylee pretty well. She had a difficult time with her physical therapist on Monday, but I would consider these new changes still in a transitional period. I think Mylee should be settled by next week for sure! We are still waiting to hear from the neurologist office to schedule our follow-up since Mylee's last admission. Mylee has now been on the rispiradol for a full week and I can honestly say we are seeing a big difference in her overall behaviors. Our afternoons and evenings are much more enjoyable!

Hoping for a great day... and that our little princess can hold off on watching her favorite purple friend until tomorrow morning!!


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