Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Differences yet the SAME!! ♥

I am always trying to remain positive because I have come to realize that if I put myself into the situation where I am constantly depressed and always looking at the cup that is half empty, well then I couldn't quite possibly be the best mommy I have promised to be to my two wonderful little princesses!! ♥

This year especially has been the most trying; Mylee is 4 (almost 5) and Khloe is 2 1/2 going on 15! I say the most difficult because it is the reality that Mylee has disabilities and it will constantly be a struggle to know that she may never be able to do the things every little girl experiences!! For her it seems to be a norm, I and even WE I think struggle with this daily!

The differences are clear cut; physically Mylee can not ambulate on her own! That means no dancing freely, no swimming on her own, not even doing the most simple things like walking or using the restroom on her own. And down the road; no bathing on her own, brushing her teeth on her own, or even playing on her own because of risks to falling, choking on objects she may place into her mouth, or the fact that she can't communicate with words and therefore someone would need to be with her at all times to meet her needs!

And yet we still honestly experience the SAME emotions HE has intended for us to have. The emotion of LOVE for one another and compassion when someone needs and extra cuddle or hug. The emotion of happiness and free spirit when I watch the girls play together, even when Khloe is happily giving her sister a helping hand. The joy of dancing together with music, even if Mylee has to use a piece of furniture to prop herself up. The joy in her face and the happiness I see from both girls is priceless. I have even been able to see recently the two of them playfully wrestling with one another on the floor; sometimes it gets a little rough and usually one ends up crying, but overall the friendship I see between the two of them is becoming stronger and stronger. ♥

I know we will always see Differences in our journey but I am confident the bond we continue to mold strong and firm will keep our family protected and our continued faith unbroken!


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