Monday, August 17, 2009

1st Day of School

Our little princess is officially enrolled into her special education preschool class. Today was Mylee's first day of school. It was great to see her in her new school cloths, backpack on, and pig-tails to boot!

We dropped her off at 8:45am and visited with the school nurse briefly before heading out to Walgreens for additional supplies for the school nurse. We raced home not thinking too clearly, realizing having a couple weeks supply of formula at the school would be a lot easier than carting it to school every morning. So, we headed home too to pick up a couple weeks supply and then headed back to the school. We needed to show the school nurse how to hook Mylee up to her morning bolus, it worked out great because one of the teacher aids in the class was also working with Mylee at the table so I was able to show both of them at the same time.

Back home we worked out well again because I was able to feed Khloe and check email before we headed back to the school yet again to pick our little princess up! Mylee's teacher said she didn't pretty well...she had a couple of crying episodes but overall seemed to have a lot of fun! We will play this game again tomorrow, the next day and then the next!

Khloe is also doing well...she is sitting up, saying "dada", and almost ready to start crawling...its still the cutest thing ever to see my little girls play together!

Here are some pictures of our adventure this morning! More to come!!


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Liz said...

Go Mylee go, go Mylee go!!! You look adorable! ENJOY little Princess....and you too Mama!