Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Mylee had her first homework experience... we let her decorate the pages of a short story book we put together for sharing tomorrow. Mylee is to show her class and teacher an exciting time she had this past summer. We put together a short book of pictures from her trip to see the "Wiggles" live. She will also bring in her Dorothy the Dinasour stuffed animal to show to all.

Little Khloe is starting to feel a little better. She has been a little sick with pink eye and an ear infection. She has gotten sick a few times this week, but seemed to be a little better this evening!

Mylee received a gift in the mail today too. Auntie Sissy bought her dress up headband and wand of Abby Cadabby from the Sesame street show. Mylee had a blast this afternoon playing with her new items. I took some pictures and video. Hope you enjoy!


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