Sunday, July 19, 2009

Winter in July - Phoenix Zoo 2009

We took the girls to the Phoenix Zoo yesterday. We met with Kim and the twins and had a blast! Nothing like having a winter in the summer, especially in our heat! We went from playing in the snow, to getting swimsuits on and playing at the splash pad... Mylee had a lot of fun! It is really fun to start seeing Mylee recognize her friends...I really think she knows Reese and Jack are her little buddies!! We think Khloe even had fun! It warmed up really quick and the girls started to get over heated...we decided to come home and left the zoo without actually seeing any of the animals.... I guess we can get away with that when the girls are still small! Oh well, next time!

Mylee has a new feeding pump. We are really excited about it. She is no longer tethered to her feeding pole or having to sit in her highchair several hours out of the day. The pump is small enough and light in weight for her to carry it around in a tiny backpack...she even loves to wear the is super cute!

Khloe is getting so big...she probably weighs close to 16lbs. She is able to roll over from both positions (back & front). She is very smart and has figured out by watching her sister wear beaded necklaces...that she too now has to wear jewelry. I caught her putting on a necklace on Friday while she was sitting in her excersaucer....I was shocked, amazed and a proud momma when I saw her do this!! She will be 6 months old on the 28th!! I have two very girly much fun!!

Hope you enjoy these pictures!!

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