Saturday, October 18, 2008

Learning to walk....

Mylee did great in therapy this week. She has always been so comfortable with the therapist at the hospital. We are so fortunate to have so many therapist that have fallen in love with our little warrior princess. I think it really helps that Mylee has such a great repore with each of them.

Mylee is working on her "B's" this week. She is getting better saying "Bob" "Bob" for bobby, "baba" with a long "a" for baby and "ba ba" short a for "bye". We continue to work with her each day.

She also has been fitted for a medical walker that will help with her to walk. She has already caught on pretty well and is working on how to turn the walker when she gets into a jam or starts to head towards a wall. I think we are going to have to buy some touch up paint today when we go to home depot! haha

We will continue to work with Mylee each day, we are making some progress and it feels really good. We are still waiting to hear back from Dr. W at Children's hospital in Denver. He has all of Mylee's reports and films and will be reviewing the documents to see if he can possibly help our little warrior princess. We also have an appointment with another neurosurgeon here in Phoenix at Children's hospital in a couple of weeks. And then an appointment with Dr. R (current neurosurgeon) on December 8th. We have a busy next couple of months, but it will be nice when we have some information to help Mylee. We are also currently waiting on another sleep study test, which I am hopeful we will have scheduled this upcoming week. The waiting is what drives us crazy, but we are thankful that Mylee has secondary insurance. We rarely have to pay anything out of pocket, which has helped us tremendously!!

We have several decisions to make in the next several months. We are hopeful that one of these neurosurgeons will be able to help Mylee. Otherwise if there is no evidence Mylee needs another brain decompression at this time, we may need to have her undergo some testing that isn't very pleasant for any of us. Or we may need to make a decision to relocate for a couple of months to enroll her into a speech program out of state. Please continue to keep us on your prayer lists as we will need guidance to help us make these difficult decisions. We will keep everyone posted and if anyone has any questions, please feel free to email or give us a call!


Katie Walker said...

She looks so much taller in that last nice to be able to see her stand on her own. As for your walls, can you pad the walker to prevent too much damage? LOL!

Liz said...

LOVE the past photo!! LOVe LOVE! Her smile says it all! You rock warrior princess!

Kristen said...

Whatever you do, stay away from Dr. Mich*ael Hand*ler at Denver, Children's. Speaking from experience here... (((HUGS)))