Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Today is Friday and thank goodness for that! I am exhausted and looking forward to the weekend! We have been busy with Mylee this week, attending therapy sessions and parties for her...considering all the stimulation and amount of people she was surrounded by she has been a very good girl! We only have had a couple of meltdowns. And I say this because she has decided she doesn't need to take naps anymore like she use to. We use to be able to lay her down in her crib and let her fall asleep. Well, she has decided she doesn't like her crib anymore during the daytime hours. It has been quite a challenge.
I believe the Pediatric Chiari Gala in Washington DC was a success...I was sent the link to a you tube video of the many faces of Pediatric Chiari Malformation. Mylee has a few pictures that were posted at the event. Please visit:

Mylee had a lot of fun at her Halloween Party at the hospital yesterday. She really interacted with the other children and staff. She even got to make mud with pudding and cookies for her Halloween worm, well she just held the cup with the chocolate pudding and snuck a few tastes here and there.....we will have to watch her breathing this weekend, but well worth it to see her happy little face when she would taste the yummy pudding!! Her homework for the day was to say "Thank You" in sign language and either wave "bye, bye" or say "Bye" at each doorway where the kids got to trick or treat for goodies. We also went to Mylee's friend Payge's house for another party last night. She had a lot of fun playing with toys and making art projects!

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Tonight we will take Mylee with her walker for the first time to our close neighbors for Mylee to trick or treat. She still cannot have anything by mouth, so this will be candy for mommy and daddy (I will probably have Dave take it to work)! I think we will just relax this weekend and focus working on the new nursery. We have a busy week ahead for us. Mylee has her appointment with the neurosurgeon at Children's Hospital and is scheduled for her sleep study test on Wednesday night. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!!

I almost forgot, we also carved a pumpkin the other night with Mylee. Oh my goodness, we had so much fun! She really enjoyed herself....actually I think she had fun throwing the pumpkin seeds on the floor for the dogs to eat...she also snuck a few tastes of the pumpkin...I can't imagine that would taste very good....Mylee thought it was great! Enjoy...

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