Saturday, September 20, 2008

Walk Across America - Cure CHIARI

We had a wonderful time this morning with a lot of our family and friends. We walked in the Conquer Chiari - Walk Across America at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix. We were able to meet a lot of new Chiarian friends too, even someone from Henderson, Nevada. We hope it brought more awareness to our community and beyond. I believe 10 of our beautiful states participated this morning. We hope we can encourage all 50 for next year!

We arrived and signed ourselves in. In return, we recieved a goody bad filled with lots of fun items. The event was started with a former NFL kicker who originally was diagnosed with Epilepsy at a young age. He was told he would never be able to play contact sports because of his illness. He prevailed and played football in High School, and for Arizona State University. He went on to play in the NFL for the Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, and Buffalo Bills. And throughout it all he battled his illnesses, including Chiari Malformation. He is currently in the process of going through his 29th surgery. If this wondeful soul could play in the NFL, then I know Mylee will prevail and grow up to be an active beautiful woman! Never give up!!

Here are some great photos of the events from this morning!!


P.s. I am getting so big!!! I am almost 19 weeks pregnant!!

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