Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Vital Stimulation

We have started Vital Stim! We never thought this time would come...Mylee started her first session yesterday at Children's Hospital in Phoenix. She is such a trooper!! We saw her pulmonologist in the morning and he said her lungs sounded good. We will be scheduled for another sleep study close to the end of her therapy session.

We met with Ms. Lindsey, speech pathologist. She explained the process to Dave and I and answered any questions or concerns that we may have. She is very good with Mylee and Mylee seems to really like her. Because Mylee is one of the younger patients, only 2 electrodes are placed on her neck. The neck is then taped and head gauze is wrapped around Mylee's head turning her into a mummy. She looks cute! The vital stimulation was only placed for about 17 minutes and Mylee tolerated the currents pretty well. Today will be a full 1 hour session. We will travel to Children's 4 times a week for 1 hour each time for 6 weeks. We have been told that by the 10th session, Mylee's therapist will know if she will be a success story. We are keeping our fingers crossed because we are not sure what our next plan of attack will be. Mylee is currently scheduled for 26 weeks, however it could be extended longer if needed. We will be keeping a daily journal of this new adventure and will be updating her blog and caringbridge site as much as possible.

Please keep Mylee in your prayers!! I would also like to mention the Chiari walk across America is approaching. I believe each walk in each state is scheduled for September 20th. I encourage you to visit: . If you state is particpating please join in the fun and walk to find a cure for Chiari!! Let me know if you have any questions.


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Katie Walker said...

That's very exciting news. I hope it's a success!!! And we have to meet up some time soon. We've just been so busy enjoying our time together as a family since there is a big training excersice starting and we won't see much of Rob for the next couple of months. I'm looking forward to your updates!