Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our little Diva....

Mylee has always had such a great personality....she is starting to become her own! She is also mimicking everything mommy and daddy do, which I am sure that goes for everyone that she sees or meets....She has to put on her jewelry everyday, consists of her favorite bead necklaces....and she has recently started to carry what seems to be her favorite red purse - everywhere!!

The other night she was laying on her side on the tile floor with her head resting on her hand that was being propped up by her elbow and the other arm was resting on her leg. Dave and I both looked at each other because we couldn't figure out what she was doing...I think daddy was concerned she was trying to pose for a questionable magazine....After a while she could tell we were starting to laugh and giggle at what she was doing, so then of course she started getting silly. We finally figured out she was copying what I was doing while I was laying on the couch watching television....Monkey see, Monkey do!

Today I am 19 weeks pregnant, I have started getting more and more of my energy back. On the days we don't have therapy in the morning or therapy at all, Mylee and I go out for walks in the morning. It was beautiful outside today. However, I am looking forward to when it starts to get a little (okay a lot) cooler. We have our OB appointment tomorrow morning, it is the big ultra sound appointment. We will hopefully know (as long as baby cooperates) if we will be having a boy or girl!

Here is a great video of Mylee, I am able to get he to say "hi" and "Bye"....


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