Thursday, February 3, 2011

A smile like no other...

She is my teacher, she is my hero..... she is my daughter and has a smile like no other!! It always amazes me no matter how bad my day has gone, no matter how frustrated I am because I have dealt with tantrums, diapers explosions from an almost 5 year old, having to change bed sheets multiple times a week from a medical bed that when I see her smile.... all those frustrations melt away!!! I love it so much!! ♥

It is almost 8am this morning and I have decided to let my little princess sleep instead of waking her up for school. We may be in a mad dash to get ready when she decides to wake but for now she is my sleeping beauty!

I am interested to see how bloated she is today, she has slept long enough to get her entire overnight feed which consists of 600ml. She has been having this strange on and off again retention in her skin, mostly noticeable on her face and around her eyes. We are not quite sure what is causing this and it will be something we mention to her pediatrician when we see her next week.

Mylee's right lung again sounded bad the beginning of the week, but as of yesterday afternoon she was sounding more clear. This respiratory season has been very strange for Mylee. It has been great we haven't been in patient and her over all health has been great! However, she seems to have junk in her lungs that she is tolerating, which is great! The question now is how long can she tolerate this junk. And is it a virus causing this (slight temps) or is she aspirating and tolerating the aspiration?! Is it time for another modified barrium swallow test?

Mylee will have hippotherapy later this afternoon. I am excited to see more smiles from my precious little princess!!


Mylee's mommy ♥

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