Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Child's play....♥

We enjoyed the beautiful weather yesterday and took the girls to the park... it was a suggestion by Mylee's physical therapist to meet at our local city park in our neighborhood. It was amazingly beautiful outside, I think the temperture was almost 80 degrees!

Mylee did great climbing the stairs to the playground equipment. She was quite proud of herself as she climbed up each play apparatus. She did very well sliding down the playground slide. We gradually introduced to her the sand beneath her feet. First she walked on it with her shoes on, then we sat her down in it with her shoes on, and eventually we were able to take her shoes and braces off to let her feet touch the sand. I am pleased to annouce she did GREAT!!! In fact, so well that she created angels in the sand (us desert folk make sand angels instead of snow angels!!).... ♥


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