Thursday, January 22, 2009

Time flies.....

So much has happened in the past couple of weeks. Mylee is remarkable and did just fine through her surgery and recovery! We have a new possible diagnosis that goes along with her severe dysphagia. Her ENT believes she has what is called bilateral vocal cord paralysis. He told us he did see them move slightly but that they did not come together as they should when any foreign object gets into that area. Hence the reason she continues to aspirate.

So, the game plan at this moment is for her ENT, Pulmonologist and both speech pathologist that she sees will be conducting another surgery (more like procedure) called something like a video fluoroscopy. I think I have the wrong spelling, but basically they will be looking at her vocal cords more closely. She will have to be under general anaesthesia again, but will be able to be breathing on her own. This will allow for them to look at the cords in order to see them move more freely. We hope that we have a better understanding once we have this procedure completed.

Mylee's ENT was a little apprehensive to go forward with an immediate fix for this problem. And we appreciate his conservative approach! Their are a couple of options that was discussed with us. The first one being a procedure called a gel or foam injection. This material is similiar to botox and would be injected into the cords. However, this risk is that it could potentially cause airway obstruction therefore compromising her airway. She would then need a possible trach in order to breathe. The other procedure is called thyroplasty (permanent solution) and again the risk would be airway obstruction.

Although we are excited that we have some new information about what is causing some of the reasoning behind her dysphagia we are very concerned and need all of your prayers for guidance in order to make the correct decision going forward. We will be anxiuos to know what is found with the upcoming video fluoroscopy. We do not have this scheduled yet because we are waiting on the arrival of baby Khloe. Once we have more information we will post.

Go Arizona Cardinals!! We will be home from the hospital with our new addition just before Superbowl Sunday. We will hopefully have new pictures of the baby and big sister Mylee!


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