Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Surgery

Mylee is scheduled for surgery early tomorrow morning. We will head to Children's hospital before sunrise in order to be there at 6am. Surgery is scheduled for 8am. Dr. R will place tubes in her ears and remove both her adnoids and tonsils. We are hopeful this will help with her speech and help control her sleep apnea. He is also wanting to look at her vocal cords to see if for some reason this could be causing her to aspirate. It is slim chance, but we are willing to have any and every doctor look to see if they can find the cause. If he does find an anomally, he has a procedure that he will perform on her. It is sort of like injecting botox into the skin, different material that he will inject into the area that is causing a gap at the vocal cord site. He did say it is a risky procedure, but that he feels it is necessary if this is what is causing her aspiration. We will be requesting constant updates before anything is performed during the surgery. I also have the films from when she had her last bronchoscopy that shows the vocal cords, so I will be asking for him to show us films of the site before he injects anything.

Mylee is our little warrior princess and we know she will pull through this surgery just like she has in the past. We are hopeful we will only be in the hospital until Friday, I will be sure to post updates as soon as I can.

We also had a little bit of a scare last Sunday morning. I started contracting around 4am, I monitored them in my head but started to worry because they seemed to get closer and closer together. I woke Dave up and had him start timing them, sure enough they were about 5 minutes apart. We called the doctor and she wanted us at the hospital for additional monitoring. The contractions ended up being irregular and timed between 4 and 6 minutes apart. I was given medication to stop the contractions and will be on them for the remainder of the pregnancy. We are 34 weeks today. Due to my placenta previa, Khloe Elizabeth will join our family on January 28th....the countdown begins!


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The Brazels said...

Hope Mylee's surgery went well. I also prayed that would you get some clear answers. I know it can so emotionally draining not to have a reason why our children have unresloved and ongoing issues. I will keep little Mylee in my daily prayers. Im so glad I saw you at the hospital a couple weeks ago. It's so random because for some reason your family popped into my head and I got on your blog the night before I saw you at PCH.We are trying to decide if were going to go ahead and have Kaitlyn do VStim therapy and I remembered Mylee.Well I hope all is well have a great weekend!