Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another trip to Denver

We heard from Denver Children's hospital this morning. We should be getting the necessary paperwork sometime next week to get Mylee ready for the intensive feeding program. We have her scheduled for her modified barrium swallow study on May 28th in Denver. They are requiring her to have this procedure done there instead of here in Phoenix. We will then meet with the team of speech pathologist and therapist to discuss the intense program for Mylee the very next day on Friday, May 29th. We have already been told she wouldn't be enrolled into the program until probably the end of the summer or early fall due to an already existing waiting list. However, the hospital is willing to work with her current therapist here on a daily basis to get Mylee ready for the program. We were able to get Mylee's remaining blood work up completed this morning. It took a few days to be able to coordinate our local hospital here and Denver Children's to be able to get it completed, but we did it! Mylee is a trooper - again no tears. I think one of the nurses was so impressed she left and came back into the room with two new stuffed animals for Mylee.

Both girls are doing great and growing everyday. Mylee is getting so tall, we can always measure her growth by how far we have to put items towards the center of the dining room table. Pretty soon she is going to be able to reach from all directions. Khloe is 3 months old now, wow I can't believe it! She is so alert now and smiles almost instantly now when you look at her. They are both a delight and we look forward to our summer with them. The pool is almost ready too. Max and Bobby are enjoying the pool to themselves on most afternoons. Pretty soon we will be able to get the girls out there too!


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loreyfamily said...

mylee is growing big Allison just turned 2