Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Special Day for Mylee

We treated Mylee to Scottsdale train park today... A couple of groups locally here including Raising Special Kids sponsored a day at the train park. They had all sorts of fun activities planned for all the kids. Mylee played games at the carnival booths and won a prize every time! We attempted face painting but was reluctant to let them finish her lady bug, we ended up washing it off before it was finished. We think her favorite part of the morning was the petting zoo and riding "Oreo" the pony!
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Mylee is continuing to use her medical walker daily. She still needs constant attention when using the apparatus outside though. She had a little tumble on the way out to the parking lot when we left the park. Mylee now has a new "owie" on her left side of her now matches the cut down her nose and the cut on her right outer lip (now healing) from where her tooth bit right through her cheek. We keep telling her we already know she is a warrior princess and that we don't need anymore battle wounds to prove it...... I am sure this won't be the last scar we will see!

Khloe is doing amazingly well! We call her our little chunky monkey!! I keep telling Dave that this must be what it is like to have a healthy child! She last weighed in at 10.5lbs at the doctors office a week and half ago. She sees her cardiologist on Wednesday and will have another EKG. We are confident the tiny hole in her heart has closed. The pediatrician advised that she could no longer hear it. Yahoo!! We have ourselves a 100 percent healthy baby!!!

We are also getting ready to travel to Colorado for Easter weekend. We have been fortunate enough to be able to schedule an appointment with a neurosurgeon at Denver Children's hospital. Dr. W has been interested in Mylee's case for approximately a year now. We have also sent him Mylee's current MRI scans and have updated him on her progression since her decompression surgery. As we all know she has not progressed much... some areas have improved slightly. He has also been updated with our concerns of where we feel she has regressed some. We are hopeful we will get some answers...

We will update more as we get the answers... .but for now please enjoy some new photos of our girls!


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