Sunday, February 8, 2009

Family of Four!

Our life is constantly evolving and changing right before our eyes... I never thought my heart could hold so much love and now it is overflowing with emotions that I couldn't possibly explain with words! I might be a little bias, but I have the most beautiful family!! I am loving it!! Please meet our newest addition, Little miss Khloe Elizabeth...

I have to confess though...I miss being pregnant! I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would have this emotion of sadness...I touch my tummy that is shrinking before my eyes and feel an almost empty feeling. I miss the kicking, the hiccups I felt daily, and the sudtle swishing motion that would wake me up at 4am! Don't get me wrong, I love my little one and the bond that we have already established! Khloe loves to snuggle in bed with me in the early morning hours or during the day when mommy needs to nap. We cannot get into this habit though, so we only snuggle for short periods of time.

Mylee is the best big sister...she loves to give baby Khloe kisses. It is funny though, she wants to hold her but once we have Khloe in her arms she is pushing her away. I think at this point it is a love/dislike relationship. Overall though, I think she loves her the most! This is going to be a fun sister bond to watch evolve overtime. I know the two of them are really going to teach each other so much!

We have had a very busy last week or so...Khloe's arrival seems like it was yesterday (She arrived at 07:56 am on January 28th, weighing 7lbs 5 ounces and 20 inches long)...and know that I think about it she is already 10 days old. Amazing how time flies!! We had a slight bump in the road on day 2 with her, it was the first visit with her pediatrician....he continued to listen to her chest and looked up at me with a look of concern...he told us that he heard what sounded like a heart murmur...he immediately told us that he didn't think it was going to be too much of a concern (Thank goodness)...he was going to see her first thing the next morning and if he continued to hear the murmur he would be referring us to a cardiologist. Long story short, Khloe had an echocardiogram and the results are pretty good. She does in fact have a ventricular septum defect (hole in heart), however the hole is small and away from the aorta valve. It will be monitored monthly. We have an appointment next month for a follow up and another EKG. Her cardiologist however does believe the hole will close on its own! We are so thankful to have a happy healthy baby girl!

We have kept Mylee on her normal day to day schedule. We figured this is probably the best way to keep her happy and not get so jealous. Daddy took her to therapy sessions...Nana and Papa took her for walks daily and to the park as often as possible. And Nana Pat had fun playing with her in her play room. We have also had a playdate with Mylee's friends to keep her busy! This week daddy, Grandma and Grandpa Eaton will hopefully take her to the zoo and to the Children's museum in Phoenix - Pending weather. Mylee also has her usual therapy will be very busy!

Speaking of therapy, Mylee's speech pathologist mentioned to Dave that pending the outcome of her procedure that will take place on February 23rd, she is considering have a script written for Mylee to use a computer that will help her communicate better with us. The next procedure for Mylee will sort of be exploritory. Her pulmonolgist along with her ENT and both speech language pathologist will take a look at her vocal cords to determine and confirm whether or not she has bilateral of unilateral vocal cord paralysis. We are hopeful it is only unilateral. We are wanting to be able to make some corrections in this area in order for her to live a so called normal life. If the results come back that in fact she has bilateral vocal cord paralysis, we may have to put any corrections on the back burner for now. Therefore, she would continue on her feeding tube for an indefinite period of time. We remain hopeful!! NEVER GIVE UP!!

Mommy and daddy are doing pretty well considering we have started to become sleep deprived...We will post again soon.


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The Brazels said...

Hi Eaton Family,
Congrats on your new little addition! She is a doll! If you don't remember me my name is Traci and I met you in the ED at PCH. My daughter kaitlyn has dysphagia. I just wanted to let you know I think the computer device for Mylee would be a GREAT idea. My nephew who was non-verbal up until he was 4 1/2 yrs old had a device that takled for him. My sister would enter in all the words/activites/likes/dislikes/food/feelings etc... pretty much anything they thought he wanted to say or need.He has a history of Autism which contributed to him being non-verbal. Although all of our family agrees that his computer is what made him start talking. Also it helped with all his frustration due to no being able to comunicate. I know Mylee has other reasons why she is mostly non-verbal but i truly believe that Mason's computer made all the difference. Hope her procedure went well. I will be praying for Miss Mylee!!

In Christ,