Saturday, July 19, 2008

July Update

We haven't posted in awhile, I figured I better post something because we were starting to worry some of you! Everything is going well in the Eaton home. I cannot believe how much energy this new little one is taking out of me....I am extremely exhausted all the time! We went to the farmer's market this morning with our great friends Adam & Laura...we had a great time! It was very warm and Mylee didn't seem to be herself, we ended up leaving a little early and went to breakfast at the 5th Ave Cafe. We were able to hook Mylee up without the medical pole, she was in a better mood after she was able to get something to eat!

The past week or so has been nothing really to brag about...Mylee had her last session with her physical therapist at St. Joseph's. We are very sad to leave our great friends and therapist...however, the traveling to and from the hospital was really starting to wear on mommy! We will start Mylee's new PT on Monday, continue with Speech on Tuesday and Thursdays, and her developmental specialist on Wednesdays. Each are one hour sessions. Mylee is also being fitted for AFO's (ankle, foot orthotics - leg braces) on Wednesday afternoon. And we go to see the opthomologist on Friday. Oh yeah, we finally got the go ahead with the genetic testing too, so we will take Mylee to have that completed probably on Monday. It will be a very busy week.

We are also getting ready for Mylee's trip to California, we have a planned trip to see her Nana & Papa Heffelfinger and to have one of her 2nd birthday parties. We are anxious to see our extended family on my mom's side of the family as well as some ot her family memebers who have said they were coming. It is going to be a great time!

Children's Hospital contacted us last week about Mylee's vital stimulation therapy. We are hoping to start this therapy in the next few months. This is really our last hopes of getting Mylee's swallowing muscles to perform the way they need to in order for her to eat normally. We had started to get a little frustrated because we were not getting any answers as to when she would start this therapy. We should hear something by the end of the year for sure! Just in case, we have looked into other options out of state in both Colorado, California, and Indiana to just name a few.

More to come....everyone is doing well, including the dogs! We hope everyone is enjoying the summer weather - we wish everyone safe travels and to have fun!!


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Therapy Mom said...

I wanted to introduce myself. I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now. Both my boys have Chiari 1. They are not affected nearly as badly as your precious MG. I hope that things go well for you as you are switching therapists (we have done that several times and I know it's tough!). And best wishes getting the new treatment that she needs to ensure her swallowing. You are in our thoughts and prayers!